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Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd. is a professional China Forklift Trucks Suppliers and Forklift Trucks company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Founded in 1978, the company occupies an area of 13.2 acres and has an annual production capacity of 10,000 units. UN Forklift has a wide sales and service network in the world, with UN forklift sales and service partners in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and Asia. "Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and safety" are the design concepts of UN products. After years’ development, UN has a complete range of custom Forklift Trucks. Now it has 17 varieties, 96 series, and more than 200 specifications of production capacity. China's first reach forklift & VNA Truck were born in UN; UN has a number of national patents on the intellectual property rights of electric forklifts, and participated in the formulation of China's electric forklift industry standards. UN is also one of the professional internal combustion truck manufacturers in China, providing high-emission standard internal combustion forklifts for international markets. UN is the designated OEM supplier of many well-known domestic and foreign companies, including Hyundai Heavy Industries and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group etc.


  • High-tech Enterprise Certificate

    High-tech Enterprise Certificate

  • Premium Export Brand of Zhejiang

    Premium Export Brand of Zhejiang

  • Quality Management System Certificate

    Quality Management System Certificate

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Industry knowledge extension of this categor

What is Forklift Trucks
A forklift truck, also known as a lift truck or a fork truck, is a powered industrial truck used to lift and transport materials. These vehicles have a small platform at the front, called a "fork," which can be raised or lowered to pick up and move pallets or other large objects. Forklift trucks are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and other settings where materials need to be moved.
There are several different types of forklift trucks, each designed for specific tasks. For example, there are electric forklifts that are well-suited for indoor use, because they produce little noise and emit no emissions. There are also internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts that are more powerful and can be used for outdoor applications. Some forklifts are also designed for specific types of loads, such as very heavy loads or very long loads.
Forklift trucks are typically operated by trained and licensed operators, and are subject to safety regulations. These regulations set forth specific requirements for the design, construction, and operation of forklift trucks to ensure the safety of operators and other workers in the vicinity.
The safety feature that all forklifts have is a seat belt, emergency brake and also, an overhead guard to protect the operator in case the forklift tips over, and also a reverse warning alarm, horn and flashing lights to alert pedestrians of the trucks movement.
In general, forklifts are essential in all industries, especially in cargo handling and logistics sector where it's heavily used.

Uses of Forklift Trucks
Forklift trucks are used in a wide range of industries and settings for a variety of tasks. Some of the most common uses of forklift trucks include:
1.Material handling: Forklifts are used to move, lift, and stack pallets, crates, and other types of material in warehouses, distribution centers, and other storage facilities.
2.Loading and unloading: Forklifts are used to load and unload trucks, trains, and ships, making it easier to transfer goods from one mode of transportation to another.
3.Construction: Forklifts are used in construction sites to move materials, equipment, and tools. They are also used to lift steel beams and other large items into place.
4.Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, forklifts are used to move raw materials, parts, and finished products around the factory floor.
Forklifts are versatile machines that can be adapted to perform a wide range of tasks in various industries and settings. With proper maintenance and operated by qualified and trained operators, it can increase efficiency and productivity of cargo handling and logistics process.