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Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd.

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Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd. is a professional China Diesel Forklift 5.0T-10.0T Manufacturers and Diesel Forklift 5.0T-10.0T factory integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Founded in 1978, the company occupies an area of 13.2 acres and has an annual production capacity of 10,000 units.
We have strict quality control requirements and the advanced testing equipment in the industry. Every process has professionals to conduct inspections to ensure product quality.
UN Forklift has a wide sales and service network in the world, with UN forklift sales and service partners in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, and Asia.
"Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and safety" are the design concepts of UN products.
We have strict quality control requirements and the advanced testing equipment in the industry. Every process has professionals to conduct inspections to ensure product quality.
UN Forklift specialized in forklift production since 1978. Over 40 years experience in this industry. We are a material handling solution provider combining research, manufacturing, sales and service.
UN Forklift insists on timely and fast service, 24/7 online and sufficient spare parts inventory allow our customers to have no worries.

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Started From 1978, with over 40 years manufacturing experience, Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd. is a super professional diesel forklift manufacturer and factory in China. 
UN Forklift produces a wide range of forklifts, includes heavy duty diesel forklift 5.0T to 10T. 
We have different engines as option, such as Japanese ISUZU, MISTUBISHI, and Chinese Xichai engine. Stage V and EPA engines are also available soon. UN diesel forklift trucks have been upgraded for several times in the past 40 years, now the newest generation has been widely tested and approved by the market.
Except diesel forklift, UN Forklift is a professional manufacturer of LPG/Gasoline forklift, rough terrain forklift; 4-wheel & 3-wheel electric forklift with lead acid battery and lithium ion battery; and many kinds of warehouse equipment.
In future, UN forklift will continue to produce forklifts features more energy saving, smarter and higher cost effective!

What is Diesel Forklift 5.0T-10.0T
A diesel forklift is a type of material handling equipment that is powered by a diesel engine. It is used to lift and move heavy loads in industrial settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites. The numbers 5.0T-10.0T refers to the capacity of the forklift, specifically it can lift between 5.0-10.0 tons. The larger the number, the greater the weight the forklift can handle.
Use of Diesel Forklift 5.0T-10.0T
Diesel forklifts are primarily used in industrial settings for moving and handling heavy loads. They are particularly useful in outdoor environments and other areas where access to electricity is limited.
Some common applications for diesel forklifts include:
1.Loading and unloading goods from trucks or containers
2.Stacking and retrieving pallets in warehouses
3.Transporting materials around a manufacturing facility
4.Loading and unloading cargo in ports and terminals
5.Due to the high load capacity of 5.0T-10.0T, it is mostly used for heavy load handling and for large scale industries like 6.ports, production units, construction sites etc.
As the diesel engines provide more power and torque than the electric forklifts, diesel forklifts are especially well-suited to heavy-duty applications such as loading and unloading heavy cargo, handling large loads, and operating in challenging environments.

Advantages of Diesel Forklift 5.0T-10.0T
Diesel forklifts with a lifting capacity of 5.0-10.0 tons have several advantages over other types of forklifts, including:
1.Low maintenance costs: Diesel engines require less maintenance than gasoline engines, which can result in lower overall maintenance costs.
2.Towing capacity : These forklifts are ideal for tow heavy loads and support special attachments such as side-shifters or rotators.
3.Outdoor use: Diesel forklifts are well-suited for use in outdoor environments, as they can handle the elements better than electric forklifts.
4.Wide range of attachments : They can also be fitted with a wide range of attachments such as a fork clamps, rotating clamps, paper roll clamps and carton clamps.
It's important to note that, They have higher fuel consumption rate and exhaust emissions which requires adequate ventilation and exhaust systems. It is also a requirement to have a well trained operator.