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The Forklift Market Coming, Are You Ready?

With the rise and development of China's enterprise logistics, as the basic equipment in modern logistics, forklift sales are also rising.
According to the data of China Industrial Vehicle Association, it is estimated that the global forklift sales volume will exceed.The forklift market has more than 20 billion of its accessories and repair service market.
Service provider
More than 10000, forklift market service personnel are estimated at tens of thousands of people.
China's forklift truck market is full of limitless development space.
In the face of opportunities, it is the key to win the competition that how to seek breakthroughs in products and services and how to realize the value of customers with the value of product technology.
The forklift market, also known as the after sales service market, refers to all kinds of services surrounding the use of equipment after the forklift truck and equipment are sold. It covers all services required by the user after purchasing the equipment.
There are many links in the whole industry chain of forklift trucks. The more complete post market mainly includes: pre sale warehousing and logistics planning, equipment selection and configuration, new car business, rental service, logistics equipment system integration, and after-sales forklift maintenance, maintenance, spare parts supply, forklift renovation and renovation, on-site logistics planning, customer training, fleet management, equipment buyback replacement, second-hand car and so on.
There will be new breakthroughs in some areas of forklift market.
Finance + Internet + products will change the business mode of forklift industry.
In order to improve the efficiency and profitability of the operation, customers are beginning to calm down for the purchase of high-end logistics equipment, and hope to save management costs and improve efficiency by setting up a management system and system suitable for their team.
In this regard, some forklift brands have pioneered solutions.
Logistics operation mode
At the same time, we should continue to invest more in financial leasing and cooperate with professional financial leasing companies to solve the worries of customers' funds.
The leasing of forklift truck enables users to obtain the most critical right to use the equipment and avoid paying too much money for the purchase of the fixed assets at once. At the same time, the repair and maintenance of the conventional vehicle failures are provided by the lessor, and the users can use them safely.
Fleet management provides powerful auxiliary functions such as authorization management, shift checking, collision recording, forklift speed limit and speed limit for the forklift truck. It can understand the operation of the motorcade at any time and place, regulate the safe use of forklifts, manage the convoys scientifically, and guard against potential safety hazards.
At the same time, it can provide personalized settings according to the needs of different enterprises, so as to scientifically match the vehicle source and layout, reasonably plan the logistics operation process and the number of convoys, and reduce the comprehensive operation cost.
Personalized, flexible and innovative services will become the commanding heights of competition in the industry.
Customers have different service needs at different times and under different circumstances.
With the maturity of the post market, single service items and fixed service contracts will be eliminated in the competition by personalized, flexible and innovative service mode.
However, providing a tailored service solution based on in-depth understanding of customer needs is not only a means of competition, but also a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise.
The contents of the services can cover the field operation conditions (recommended technical solutions such as equipment selection and configuration, product mix, etc.), equipment and operation management (providing customized service contracts, fleet management, equipment performation and other service solutions), financial management and planning (providing operational / financing leases, long and short rent, old and new, repurchase and other financial solutions), including value-added services such as warehousing planning, charging room planning, personnel training, forklift racing, regular use analysis and management recommendations.
With the establishment of logistics system, many logistics and express enterprises will be listed on the market, and the demand for forklift and logistics equipment will become more urgent.
At the same time, advanced logistics facilities need a higher level of support from the post market team. "Customized service programs + high-quality professional services" will be the main theme.
Multi-Directional Forklift TFC30
Multi-Directional Forklift TFC30
UN multi-directional forklift truck is special forklift for long material using, with straight travelling, side travelling and in situ rotating functions, capacity is 3000-4000kg.
For long material handling, such as metal profiles, wood, curtain wall, steel pipe and others.