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Safety assistance systems for accident-free forklift operation

A focus on safe material flow
Safety in operations is gaining increasing attention these days. Potential risks associated specifically with warehouses and production areas are becoming especially apparent at times when goods handling is extremely busy. Accidents can happen quickly. But companies do not have to sit back and watch helplessly. There is now a wide variety of passive and active assistance systems available that are designed to ensure a high level of operational safety.  Sensor-based, it is capable of detecting movement behind a stationary truck and can thus prevent accidents involving people and other industrial trucks. 
Forklift operations: A constant source of danger
There are numerous potential sources of danger in day-to-day warehouse and production operations, including forklifts, pallet trucks and other industrial trucks as well as material transport equipment. It is not uncommon for a forklift driver to lose control of their vehicle and for them or another person to be knocked down, crushed or run over by a forklift. Other frequent incidents in industrial truck operations happen when the driver gets on or off the truck, during fast turns or while driving with the load lifted.
Reversing: Accident hazard due to time pressure, excessive workload and multi-tasking
It happens time and again that people walking around the warehouse are under the impression that forklift drivers can always see them – something that can have tragic consequences and has therefore increasingly become the focus of the safety experts in recent years.
Attention, forklift approaching: Warning signs on the ground
However, it doesn’t always take an assistance system to improve safety in materials handling. Lighting solutions are another option.Mounted on the overhead guard frame, it projects a visual warning onto the ground behind the vehicle. Approaching pedestrians and other vehicles are given the unmistakable message via the large-format LED symbol in strong contrasting colors: Look out! Here comes a forklift.
N Series 4.0T-Mini5.0T LPG&Gasoline Forklift
N Series 4.0T-Mini5.0T LPG&Gasoline Forklift
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