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Application of Forklift in Logistics System

The forklift also plays a very important role in the logistics system of the enterprise, and is the main force in the material handling equipment. At present, there are many forklift brands on the market, and the models are complicated. Each forklift has its typical application conditions. Powerful forklifts can usually be divided into three categories:

Internal combustion forklifts, electric forklifts and storage forklifts. Other places that do not have special requirements for tail gas emissions and noise. Due to the convenient fuel supplement, long -term continuous operations can be achieved, and they can work in harsh environments (such as rainy days) to work.


Electric forklifts are motivated by motor and batteries are energy. The carrying capacity is 1.0 to 4.8 tons, and the width of the operating channel is generally 3.5 to 5.0 meters. Because there is no pollution and small noise, it is widely used in working conditions with higher environmental requirements, such as beverages, medicine, food and other industries. Because each battery is generally required for charging about 8 hours after working, it is necessary to equip the multi -class work conditions with spare batteries.

The warehousing forklift is mainly forklifts designed for cargo in the warehouse. Except for a few storage forklifts (such as manual tray forklifts), they are driven by manpower, and the others are driven by motor. They are commonly used in the warehousing industry due to their compact body, flexible mobile, and good environmental protection performance. During multi -shift operations, the storage forklift driven by the motor needs a spare battery. A large number of manual light and small transport forklifts are often used in urban logistics distribution.


The basic operation functions of forklifts are divided into horizontal handling, stacking /pickup, loading /unloading, and picking. According to the operation function to be achieved by the enterprise, it can be preliminarily determined from the model introduced above. In addition, special operating functions will affect the body configuration of forklifts, such as paper rolls, iron water, etc., which requires forklift installation to complete special functions. The forklift applications have certain requirements for the specifications of the tray or cargo, the height, the width of the operating channel, and the climbing degree. At the same time, there are operating efficiency (different models of different models), operating habits (such as habits or driving) and other aspects. Requirements. The warehouse environment has requirements for environmental protection such as noise or exhaust emissions. Generally, warehousing forklifts are selected. In the cold storage or environmental environment, the configuration of the forklift should also be cold storage or explosion -proof type. High -quality forklifts are often reflected in many aspects such as high -efficiency, low cost, high reliability, good man -machine efficiency design, and service convenience. High efficiency does not only mean high speeds (driving, improvement, and downward speed). It also means that the operator is short to complete a working cycle and can always maintain this efficiency throughout the working time. Low cost refers to the lowest total cost of each year when companies buy and use forklifts. The cost of forklifts includes: ① purchase cost; ② maintenance cost, ③ energy consumption cost; ④ labor cost;


High security, easy to operate, good comfortable type, and convenient maintenance is also the most important indicator in the use of forklifts. Enterprises need to choose forklifts according to various factors such as the operation environment of the forklift operation, the weight of the items they handle, the frequency of the operation, and the storage method.

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