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UN Forklift Supports the Hangzhou Green Asian Games with Action

On April 27th, to support the green Asian Games in Hangzhou and effectively combat air pollution and diesel forklift emissions, improve the air quality, and accelerate the implementation of policies to phase out and upgrade old National Standard II and below diesel forklifts. The Municipal Atmospheric Office and the Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau organized the "I Reduce 1 Gram for the Blue Sky" forklift promotional event at the Fuyang Relax Hotel, along with the on-site implementation details for the subsidies on phasing out and upgrading National II and below diesel forklifts in Hangzhou (second session).

The leaders of the Municipal Atmospheric Office and the Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau attended the meeting. The heads of the Market Supervision Bureau and the Business Bureau's functional departments, as well as the relevant officials from the ecological environment and market supervision departments of Xiaoshan District, Qiantang District, Fuyang District, Tonglu County, Chun'an County, Jiande City, and leaders of representative enterprises from each district, also participated in the meeting. The meeting involved the promotion of policies to accelerate the phase-out and upgrade of National II and below diesel forklifts, as well as the reporting of specific implementation plans. Additionally, further interpretation was provided regarding the elimination and subsidy policies issued by Hangzhou City.

A delegation of more than 120 leaders and participants visited Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd. They were warmly welcomed by the leaders and employees of UN Forklift.

The on-site display of the full range of new energy products at UN Forklift factory garnered significant attention and praise from the leaders and representatives of various enterprises. UN staff provided detailed introductions of the performance and advantages of the new energy forklifts to the leaders and representatives,enhancing their understanding and acceptance of these vehicles. The interactive sessions on-site were frequent, resulting in notable outcomes.

The leaders and representatives present were most impressed by the fact that the new energy forklifts not only have zero emissions but also exhibit higher work efficiency and lower operating costs. The on-site leaders highly appreciated the achievements of UN Forklift in the field of new energy forklifts. They expressed their hope that the representatives of relevant enterprises could engage in more communication and understanding with new energy manufacturing companies, aiming for mutual progress.

Under the guidance of the national "Dual Carbon" green development strategy, the shift from oil to electricity in the Chinese construction machinery industry has become an inevitable trend and is being actively promoted. In support of the green Asian Games and the construction of a green Hangzhou, UN Forklift will focus on the "new energy strategy" and take technological innovation as its driving force. The company will concentrate on the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of new energy logistics equipment. UN Forklift will continue to dedicate itself to technological innovation in the field of new energy logistics equipment, making its due contribution to the national "Dual Carbon" and the green development of the industry.

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