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UN Forklift & HD Xitesolution Strengthening Collaboration

May 22, President Hur, Head of the HD Xitesolution Business Unit, visits UN Forklift and extols the excellence of the factory operations.

UN Forklift, a leading manufacturer in the material handling industry, became OEM partner of HD Xitesolution in 2021. The visit marked an important milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the two companies and showcased the outstanding work being undertaken at the UN Forklift factory.

President Hur’s visit to UN Forklift provided an opportunity for him to gain firsthand insight into the operations and manufacturing processes of UN Forklift. During the visit, President Hur toured the factory, observed the production lines, and engaged in productive discussions with key members of UN's management and production teams.

Expressing his admiration for UN Forklift's commitment to excellence, President Hur acknowledged the exceptional quality of the products manufactured by UN and commended the company's dedication to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. He expressed his confidence in the OEM partnership between HD Xitesolution and UN Forklift, emphasizing the shared vision and commitment to advancing the material handling industry.

Both parties used this occasion to discuss future directions and strategies for further collaboration, aiming to strengthen the relationship between HD Xitesolution and UN Forklift. The meeting resulted in the confirmation of shared goals, including technological advancements, enhanced product development, and increased market penetration.

Mr. Wu, the Chairman of UN Forklift, led all the members in warmly welcoming President Hur's arrival and expressed sincere gratitude for his valuable insights and suggestions. They reiterated their commitment to delivering top-tier products and services to customers worldwide, while continuing to foster strong partnerships within the industry.

The successful visit of President Hur to UN Forklift signifies further strengthening in the ongoing collaboration between the two companies. It underlines the shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and mutual growth. The partnership between HD Xitesolution and UN Forklift promises to revolutionize the material handling industry, and both sides are eager to embark on this journey together.