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What should be paid attention to when using forklifts under special environmental conditions?

The use of forklifts is affected by human operating factors and also by environmental conditions. For forklifts under high temperature and high humidity conditions, it is necessary to understand some relevant precautions to ensure the safe and smooth use of forklifts.
1. If it is raining, there may be water on the ground, the friction between the forklift and the ground is reduced, and it is easy to slip, so you should be more careful.
2. In high temperature weather, the engine dissipates heat slowly, which will easily lead to higher temperature, and the power performance of the engine will be worse.
3. The internal air pressure of the tire will increase in high temperature environment to prevent the danger of tire blowout.
The above has introduced some issues about the safe use of forklifts in high temperature and high humidity environments. Users should pay attention to various matters. The safe use of forklifts while ensuring standardized operation is a must.
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