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Year-end Summary and Commendation Meeting of 2022

At the very beginning of the year,everything takes on a fresh and new look. At such a wonderful moment, UN Forklift held a year-end summary and commendation meeting of 2022. 

At the meeting, the company leadership delivered a powerful speech.Many employees reaped awards and received recognition, and outstanding employees also shared their work experience. The whole meeting was joyful and incomparably successful.

2022 is a tough year, the global economy continued to be affected by the COVID-19, the whole general environment was not good.

In spite of this, we UN Forklift grew in the risk and seized the opportunity in the risk achieving extraordinary development.

First of all, Our company continues to expand. Each workshop has been renovated.We have introduced advanced equipment, and each production line has achieved modernization, mechanization, technicalization . The entire plant has a new look.

In addition, we have developed new series in 2022 and upgraded our basic models.

Most importantly, our annual production has also doubled . We also saw a 60% increase in exports. All the results have made all UN people immensely proud and full of confidence.

In 2022, we have given and gained, and in 2023, we have goals and dreams. UN Forklift will continue to adhere to the goal of creating excellent forklifts and create another success in 2023!