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UN Forklift Unveils at China (Indonesia) Trade Fair in Jakarta

In a remarkable display of innovation, UN Forklift showcased its latest advancements at the China (Indonesia) Trade Fair held at the Jakarta International Expo from November 23 to 25, 2023. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of material handling solutions, UN Forklift introduced its newest additions to the market.

The star attractions of the UN Forklift exhibit included:

V Series Lithium Forklift (UN CAPTAIN):
UN Forklift proudly presented its cutting-edge V Series Lithium Forklift, a testament to the company's dedication to sustainable and efficient solutions. The V Series harnesses the power of lithium-ion technology, offering heightened performance and reduced environmental impact.

NL Series Lithium Battery Counterbalance Forklift:
Breaking new ground in the industry, UN Forklift unveiled the NL Series Lithium Battery Counterbalance Forklift. This revolutionary model represents a paradigm shift, transforming conventional oil-powered forklifts into eco-friendly electric alternatives. The NL Series underscores UN Forklift's commitment to environmentally conscious material handling.

Classic N Series Internal Combustion Forklift:
UN Forklift reaffirmed its legacy with the timeless Classic N Series Internal Combustion Forklift. Renowned for its reliability and robust performance, the N Series remains a staple in material handling operations. Its enduring popularity reflects UN Forklift's commitment to providing durable solutions that stand the test of time.

The China (Indonesia) Trade Fair provided a dynamic platform for UN Forklift to engage with industry leaders, stakeholders, and enthusiasts. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the features of these groundbreaking forklift models, gaining insight into the future of material handling technology.

Mr. Wu, Chairman of UN, expressed excitement about the event, stating, "Participating in the China (Indonesia) Trade Fair has been a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our latest forklift innovations. The V Series Lithium Forklift, NL Series Oil-to-Electric Forklift, and the enduring Classic N Series Internal Combustion Forklift exemplify our dedication to providing top-tier solutions that align with the evolving needs of the industry." 

As UN Forklift continues to push the envelope in material handling technology, these new forklift models will take efficiency, sustainability, and performance to the next level.