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"Gathering Efforts Together, Creating Future Together” - 2023 UN Forklift Supplier Conference Declared a Triumph!

On December 6th, 2023 UN Forklift Supplier Conference was successfully convened in Fuyang, Zhejiang Province. Representatives from suppliers across the nation gathered to recapitulate the past, plan for the future, and propel the development of UN Forklift, fostering deep cooperation for mutual success and injecting new vitality and momentum into UN's future growth.

Themed around "Gathering Efforts Together, Creating Future Together" the conference established mechanisms for collaborative innovation and mutually beneficial partnerships with the multitude of suppliers present. The discussions centered on elevating aspects such as quality, service, cost, and innovation through efficient supply chain management during the mass production phase. The goal was to optimize the procurement process, accelerate procurement efficiency, achieve integrated production-supply collaboration, and swiftly address issues arising from supply chain quality concerns, thereby supporting the company's rapid and healthy development.

In the morning session, guests toured UN's production workshops and observed prototype displays, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Simultaneously, the guests expressed high expectations for UN's future development.

Chairman Wu, on behalf of UN, extended a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the attending supplier friends. He appreciated their longstanding support and assistance, which had significantly contributed to UN Forklift's achievements in building high-quality and agile supply chains. Chairman Wu remarked that the passing year, 2023, had been one of challenges and opportunities, and in the future, UN Forklift would join hands with our suppliers to overcome challenges and embrace new developments.
Chairman Wu conveyed profound thanks to the supplier friends for their staunch support, emphasizing the enduring commitment to mutual support and progress that has been the consistent mission of UN. In recent years, through concerted efforts and progress, UN has navigated challenges to arrive at a crucial juncture of development. Building a community of shared development, mutual benefit, and mutual support has always been UN's unchanging commitment and mission. Establishing strong relationships with suppliers not only brings economic benefits and ensures stable business operations but also promotes sustainable development and fosters closer cooperation and a positive social image. UN Forklift aims to become a company with advanced expertise, innovation capabilities, and differentiated competitive advantages.
Chairman Wu further indicated that UN anticipates achieving sales of 550 million RMB this year, with a projected annual growth rate of 34.1%. By 2025, the goal is to achieve an annual production of 10,000 forklifts, generating an annual output value of 1 billion RMB. At that time, the proportion of annual sales of new energy forklifts is expected to exceed 50%. YUN aspires to establish itself as a medium-sized, international, intelligent, and modern manufacturing plant.

During the Supplier Conference, Zhang Jie, Secretary General of the Industrial Vehicle Branch of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, delivered a speech, providing insights into the current global and Chinese industrial vehicle market developments and prospects. Secretary General Zhang pointed out that with the sustained recovery of the global economy, the industrial vehicle market is gradually showing signs of warming, presenting new opportunities and challenges for the Chinese industrial vehicle market. He called for continued collaboration within the industry chain to address market changes and challenges collectively, accelerate technological innovation, and product upgrades, thereby propelling the Chinese industrial vehicle industry towards a more prosperous future.

In addition, UN's General Manager Mr. Zhu , Minister of the HYUNDAI Industrial Vehicle Division Mr. Jin, and Minister of Purchasing Mr. Lai delivered important speeches on the themes of "2023 Annual Company Operations Overview and 2024 Operational Plan Goals" "Prospects of Cooperation Projects Between HYUNDAI and UN" and "2023 Annual Work Report of UN Forklift Purchasing Department" respectively.

Local government officials also delivered enthusiastic speeches at the conference, highly praising UN's economic contributions to Fuyang. They extended warm congratulations on the successful convening of the conference.

The successful organization of this Supplier Conference not only deepens the connections between UN and its partners but also brings more opportunities and like-minded partners for UN's future development. UN expresses its commitment to using this conference as a catalyst to deepen its cooperative relationships with partners. With the support of its partners, UN aims to achieve faster innovation and development,Truly shaping UN into a "Precision, Innovative, Distinctive" forklift manufacturer.