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What should I pay attention to when buying a multi-directional forklift?

When buying a multi-directional forklift, there are several factors that you should pay attention to in order to ensure that you choose the right product for your needs. Here are some things to consider:
Load Capacity: Choose a multi-directional forklift that can handle the weight of your loads. Consider the heaviest loads you will be lifting and make sure that the forklift you choose has a load capacity that can handle them.
Lifting Height: Determine the maximum height you will need to lift loads and make sure that the forklift you choose can reach that height.
Maneuverability: Look for a multi-directional forklift that is highly maneuverable, allowing you to move loads in any direction. This can be especially important if you need to work in tight spaces or in areas with limited access.
Fuel Type: Multi-directional forklifts can run on various fuel types, including electric, diesel, and gas. Consider the fuel type that will work best for your needs and budget.
Tires: Choose the right type of tire for the terrain you will be working on. Some forklifts are designed for use on smooth surfaces, while others are designed for rough terrain.
Operator Comfort: Look for a forklift that is comfortable for operators to use. This can include features such as ergonomic controls, adjustable seating, and good visibility.
Maintenance: Consider the maintenance requirements of the forklift, including the availability of parts and service. Look for a product with a good warranty and responsive customer support.
Price: Multi-directional forklifts can vary in price, so consider your budget when choosing a product. Keep in mind that more expensive models may offer greater capacity, maneuverability, and durability.

Multi-Directional Forklift TFC30
UN multi-directional forklift truck is special forklift for long material using, with straight travelling, side travelling and in situ rotating functions, capacity is 3000-4000kg.
For long material handling, such as metal profiles, wood, curtain wall, steel pipe and others.
Three braking systems, can provide necessary protection for vehicle and driver.
OPS system, when drive leaves seat, the forklift will stop working.
Energy saving
With LED headlight, warning light, low-resistance tyre, automatic steering dormancy, electronic automatic temperature control system and others.