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Forklift management issues

With the development of production mechanization, more and more modern manufacturing and logistics industries begin to use dieselforklift, and the number of forklifts is increasing. Forklifts play an important role in the logistics operation of enterprises. Without forklifts, the normal production activities of enterprises are difficult to operate. The increase in the number of forklifts and the particularity of forklift operations have made forklift management more difficult. In recent years, enterprise forklift traffic accidents have occurred frequently, and enterprises have paid more and more attention to the management of forklifts.
In the actual use of forklifts, many problems often occur, which increase the difficulty of enterprise management and hinder daily production. For example: on-site management is difficult, forklifts are not authorized to start at will, shift handover is complex, forklift utilization is low, forklift driver performance statistics are difficult, vehicles are ill, and maintenance is not timely. Vehicle management is difficult, which is mainly manifested in the fact that the management building is too far away from the forklift working area, and it is difficult to manage it in time; the forklift driver encounters an emergency or forklift accident during transportation, and the administrator cannot deal with it immediately. It is obviously unreasonable to require the administrator to be on-site at all times to supervise the forklift work in the factory area. After all, the administrator's job is not only to supervise the work, but also to coordinate the work of other departments in the processing plant to improve the efficiency of the entire plant.
Then, to reduce the difficulty of forklift management, we must first solve the two problems of space and time in the process of forklift management. Here, we need to use some electronic equipment to assist. Through the combination of on-site and background management, the status of vehicles can be grasped one by one, and the digitalization of vehicle operation can be easily realized. The management system should include cloud data management, fleet efficiency analysis, forklift utilization statistics, driver performance management, forklift safety management, forklift prevention Collision management, etc., and powerful cloud statistical analysis will better assist the lean production of enterprises.

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