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UN Forklift: Innovating, Creating the Future

Under the development trend of global integration, the current world Industry 4.0 process has continued to ferment on the Chinese market. Zhejiang UN Forklift, as one of the strong forklift manufacturers in China, participated in the 119th Canton Fair with five new products including 1.5 ton 3-way forklift, 3 ton diesel forklift, 2.5 ton electric forklift and 2.5 ton LPG forklift. During the fair, customers have been around the exhibitors to watch and study the prototype, and take turns to experience the driving comfort. Some intentional orders were reached on the first day of the exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that the3-way stacking forklift of UN on display is the first one in China to introduce advanced technology from Germany and the pioneer of VNA forklift with patent in China. UN is the only one exhibitor with3-way stacker in this Canton Fair.

The participation in the Canton Fair not only brings tangible orders to UN, but also is an important stage to promote UN 's own products and brand to the world.