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On March 11th, 2022 UN Forklift was honored as "THE TOP 10 EXPORT GROWTH ENTERPRISES IN 2021" in Hangzhou, China. 

In 2021 the whole world was still suffering from the Covid-19, and many things were more difficult than before.  But UN Forklift has done a great job at exportation, with a sales increase over 80% compare with year 2020 . We have achieved such success, not only because our traditional advantage forklifts have good sales, but also our newly developed diesel converted lithium battery forklift and rough terrain forklift series have occupied a place in the market.

In the trend of energy saving, emission reduction and green the world, UN Forklift will have more green new energy forklifts coming soon in 2022.

With the title "THE TOP 10 EXPORT GROWTH ENTERPRISES" UN Forklift will continue to move forward and achieve greater success together with our customers. Thank you all for your continuous support.