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Professional Training in UN Forklift

On July 15, the Foreign trade department of UN Forklift braved the heat and went to our Fuyang factory for professional and systematic training in quality management.

Mr. Wang, the VP of Quality Control, personally trained all the staffs of foreign trade department. Mainly for the quality control process, each inspection process control points, the quality situation of the world market, the first half of 2022 quality problems and other aspects.The staff of the Foreign Trade Department also actively raised various problems of customers on their hands, as well as quality issues that customers are worried about. The factory department and the foreign trade department had a positive discussion and deep analysis.We put forward specific and effective solutions to various problems that had already appeared, and also discussed and solved potential problems that might arise, so as to prevent them from happening in the future.

In addition, Mr. Wang also took all the members into each production line of the factory, such as welding line, painting line, assembly line, testing line, etc., so that all the members had a specific understanding of the production process of forklifts and the quality control in each process.

Through this training, all the members of the Foreign Trade Department have gained a lot and believe that we can serve our customers better in the future work.