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Great News! UN Forklift Earns the Title of "Zhejiang Export Brand"

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce announced the list of "Zhejiang Export Brands" for the year 2023, with Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd. securing a place on the prestigious list.

The "Zhejiang Export Brand" designation is conferred by the provincial commerce department based on six criteria, including technological innovation capabilities, international standardization of production organization, market sales and consumer recognition, global operational capabilities, intellectual property protection, and social evaluation. It recognizes enterprises as leading export brands in their respective industries.

Established in September 2007, Zhejiang UN Forklift Co., Ltd. is located in the Xindeng New District of Fuyang , Hangzhou. It is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production, sales, and service of forklifts.


UN Forklift primarily focuses on outward development, offering high-quality logistics handling products and services globally. Its products are exported to multiple countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia, establishing itself as an OEM supplier for Hyundai in South Korea.

Adhering to the principle of "talent attraction + independent research and development," UN Forklift has actively participated in the formulation of national standards in recent years. It has obtained more than 20 national invention and utility model patents and has been honored with titles such as "National High-tech Enterprise," "Zhejiang Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center," and "Zhejiang Provincial SRDI Enterprise."

In the era of globalization, UN Forklift, guided by market orientation, continuously optimizes product structure and enhances service levels through technological research and development and product upgrades. It has achieved a series of innovative results in digitization and intelligence, providing customers with more intelligent, environmentally friendly, and efficient logistics solutions. This success has led to an expansion of its international market share.

In 2023, UN Forklift responded actively to the calls of provincial and municipal commerce departments, adhering to the "go global, expand markets" strategy. Throughout the year, the company participated in various domestic and international exhibitions, including the 2023 China (Turkey) Trade Fair, the 2023 China (UAE) Trade Fair, and the Canton Fair, effectively assisting in maintaining traditional markets and expanding into emerging markets. With the caring support of leaders at all levels, UN Forklift achieved a cumulative output value exceeding 500 million yuan in 2023, with forklift exports exceeding 400 million yuan, representing a year-on-year growth of over 30%.

As a universal language in the international market, a brand is a dominant resource and a decisive force in market competition. In the future, UN Forklift will continue to actively participate in large-scale, professional brand exhibitions, focusing on enhancing the international visibility and reputation of the UN brand.