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Autumn Sports Meeting of UN Forklift

Late September, Hangzhou is still hot, but there is already a hint of autumn.Miles of autumn breezes and laurels, a thousand beautiful blooms.

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of all staff and promote the communication between them, the company sports meeting was held on 30 September in UN Forklift. All departments & all staff attended .

There are table tennis, badminton, hula hoops, rope skipping, tug-of-war and running in the game.From the beginning to the end , every staff  were full of enthusiastic, The sound of cheering and laughter were all over the place.With the spirit of "surpassing the opponent, surpassing oneself", many staff achieved good results in the individual competition. Relying on teamwork and Infinite cohesion, some departments achieved good results in the team competition.

The Sports Meeting enhanced the cohesiveness within the department, promoted communication between departments, increased the enthusiasm of all staffs .Truly realized the companys philosophy of "Healthy Life, Happy Work".