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UN’s LPG Cushion Tyre Forklift
Officially Launched

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UN’s LPG Cushion Tyre Forklift Officially Launched

Through 3 years reaserch and hundreds of tests,UN Cushion Tyre Forklift was officially launched on 05th,May,2015.To many countries,Cushion Tyre Forklift is not a common and widely used forklift type.But in North America area,such as Canada,USA,Cushion Tyre Forklift is popular type because its excellent maneuverability.With company’s strategy and highly attention to these areas and dealers high demand,UN started to develop Cushion Tyre Forklift since 2012.At the end of the year 2013, offline the first 2.5t cushion tyre forklift,after test,we decide to deliver first 5 units to dealers and put into real working condition for real perfomance,after one year use,we collect the data and improve the components and optimize the structure.The robust and high performance machine,UN cushion tyre was finally officially launched in May.