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UN SalesTeam Activity –
A journey to Paragliding Base

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UN SalesTeam Activity – A journey to Paragliding Base

Spring in Hangzhou is short but enjoyable. Different tones of flowers and shades of leaves combined with gentle breeze from the river all make Hangzhou an ideal city for travel.

Last Sunday, UN team made an outing to the National Paragliding Training Base in Fuyang, Hangzhou. Compared to sightseeing, paragliding is more of an extreme sport. After more than one hour drive, every one felt excited and a bit nervous when seeing others gliding over the steeping mountain edge. When it’s our turn, wearing parachute, we ran with our coach behind us, freely reaching out to the sky. Some couldn’t help shouting, screaming and some stayed calm and kept smiling. There followed the most amazing 5 minutes in the sky where all you could think about was to live for the moment.

After paragliding, UN team came to picnic behind the mountain. Each of us prearranged food and beverage for barbecue. When the stove was ready, we were all like professional barbecue stall vendors, adding spices and put more on the barbecue. As planned, we cooperated and enjoyed the best meal as a team.

The day ended in chuckles, and UN sales team are well prepared to meet all challenges ahead of us as everyone has one life and suppose to make it beautiful, just like UN FORKLIFT, we can finish different kinds of materials handling tasks and make it beautifully.