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2020 annual summary and outstanding staff commendation conference

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2020 annual summary and outstanding staff commendation conference

UN Forklift held the 2020 annual summary and outstanding staff commendation conference on 5th, Feb. 2021. UN President Mr.Wu Jinxian, Vice President Mr.Zhu liexin , The Minister of Hyundai Construction equipment Mr. CHOI SONG CHAN and relevant department managers and all UN colleagues attended the meeting.

UN Vice President Mr.Zhu liexin presided this commendation conference, he summarized the 2020 report and proposed the company strategical plans for 2021. At the same time, UN President Mr.Wu Jinxian and UN management congratulate the staffs who are awarded the outstanding performance certificates, encouraging all UN Staffs to summarize and share the experiences.

Influenced by covid-19, the global economy has continued to slump in 2020, and China’s economic growth will also slow down significantly. UN President Wu Jinxian made a comprehensive review and summary of the company’s development in 2020.Through industrial restructuring, technological innovation and internal cost control, UN Forklift have continued to maintain the trend of steady development. With the efforts of all the staff, we have successfully signed the contract with Korean Hyundai OEM project. UN completed the relocation and commissioning of the origin plant, and realized the adjustment and upgrading of the original plant and production line. UN President Mr. Wu Jinxian encouraged all colleagues to make persistent efforts and make further achievements in the New Year. At the same time, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all colleagues and their families for their hard work in the past year and wished them a happy New Year.


To celebrate our traditional Spring Festival, we’ll have the official holiday from Feb.10th to Feb.18th. For emergency issues, pls feel free to send mail to info@unforklift.com.

Wish you all the best and have a prosperous New Year 2021.